Our History

  • 1828

    August Schell is born

  • 1848

    August sets out for the United States

    He arrives in New Orleans and gradually makes his way to Cincinnati.

  • 1853

    August makes an honest woman of Theresa Hermann

    Theresa also hails from Germany. The two get to work on a family.

  • 1856

    The Schells head North

    Members of the Turner Society, fellow German immigrants, had settled but were struggling. August, Theresa and their two baby daughters join them and co-found New Ulm, MN.

  • 1860

    Thirsty for a good beer, Schell’s brewery is built

    August partners with a former brewmaster, Jacob Bernhardt, two miles outside of town.

  • 1862

    The Dakota War

    The influx of settlers in Southern Minnesota displaces many Dakota people from their homeland. As a result, tensions erupt and the Dakota War takes place in the Schell’s backyard. While other establishments are burned, Schell’s remains untouched because of the kindness of the family.

  • 1866

    August Schell becomes the sole owner of Schell’s

    August buys out his partner, Jacob Bernhardt.

  • 1870

    August and Theresa raise six children

    Adolph, Otto, Emma, Emelia, Anna and Augusta.

  • 1885

    The Schell’s Mansion, a humble dwelling, is built

    The beautiful home sits on the brewery grounds. It has gardens and a deer park where August spends much of his time as his arthritis worsens.

  • 1891

    August Schell dies at 63, leaving the brewery to Theresa

    August’s eldest son, Adolph, is no match for the cold and flees to California. August’s son, Otto, who studied brewing in Germany, takes the reins as manager.

  • 1900

    Otto makes beer colder

    He introduces refrigeration to the brewery, giving Schell’s the ability to brew year-round.

  • 1911

    George Marti takes over after tragic loss

    Otto, a prominent community figure, dies suddenly and shocks the community. Theresa dies just four months later. George Marti, Emma’s husband, takes over as manager and president.

  • 1919


    The Schell’s Brewery produces near beer, soft drinks and candy to keep the machinery running. They have a still in the brewery basement to keep their sanity.

  • 1934

    George passes away. His son, Alfred, becomes manager and president

  • 1948

    The Schell’s Hobo Band is born

    Al’s passion for beer matches his passion for music, and he begins sponsorship of a band.

  • 1969

    Al retires. His son, Warren, begins running the brewery

    During Warren’s tenure, he brings about Schell’s Export, Schell’s Light and 1919 Root Beer.

  • 1978

    A black walnut makes an unlikely hero

    Schell’s cuts down a massive black walnut tree on the brewery grounds and sells the lumber to keep from closing its doors.

  • 1984

    Warren’s son, Ted Marti, takes over brewery operations

    Ted is educated at Siebel’s Institute of Brewing and studies under several breweries in Germany. He introduces craft beer to Minnesota and becomes president of the brewery in 1985.

  • 1988

    Pils for the win

    At the Great American Beer Festival, Pils earns a gold medal.

  • 1990

    Schell’s introduces a line of specialty beers

    Alt and Pale Ale are among them. In the 90’s, Schell’s produces 38 different beers.

  • 1999

    The Schell’s build a state-of-the-art brewhouse

    They import kettles from Germany for their state-of-the-art brews.


  • 2002

    2002 Schell’s acquires Grain Belt

    When a legendary Minnesota beer hangs in the balance, Schell’s saves it from extinction.

  • 2009

    Pils gets gold. Again.

    This time at the US Open Beer Championships.

  • 2010

    Jace, Ted’s oldest son, becomes a brewmaster

  • 2014

    Schell’s is a winner nine times over

    Along with 13 other awards over the years, Schell’s brings home three bronze, six silver and five gold medals.