BEER STYLE: Berliner Weisse


CHARACTERISTICS: Electrik Empress aged on 6,600 pounds of plums resulting in its bright fruit taste and cotton candy pink color.

After spending a full year undergoing a long, slow, mixed-fermentation in one of our original, 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks at our new Starkeller sour facility, this beer was transferred onto 6,600 pounds of plums for an additional five months of maturation. Electrik Empress is hazy, cotton candy pink in color and bursts with the fresh aroma of ripe plum skins. It is medium-bodied and fairly dry with a soft lemon-tart acidity combined with the flavor of plums, lemon, and pear. Unfiltered and bottle-conditioned to allow the flavors to further develop, Electrik Empress has a bright fruit character that is a unique interpretation of a Berliner Weisse. Best served in a pokal glass or champagne saucer.