North Country Brünette

BEER STYLE: Berliner Weisse


CHARACTERISTICS: The long, slow, secondary fermentation allowed the authentic Brettanomyces yeast culture to work on the residual sugars that remained in the beer, transforming it into a complex, almost spicy flavor profile. North Country Brünette is very tart and dry, with a fine, rounded acidic profile, and a malty, spiced fruity character.

Schell’s North Country Brünette is our interpretation of a traditional Märzen style Berliner Weisse. Before two world wars devastated Berlin and most of it’s breweries, there were many different variations of Berliner Weisse that were brewed. One of those examples is a Märzen Weisse. There is very little information that remains about this beer, as it has been extinct for many years now. North Country Brünette is our interpretation of what a Märzen Weisse would have tasted like. We brewed ours in the most traditional manner possible, with a decoction mash, un-boiled wort, and a mixed culture fermentation. Once the primary fermentation was complete, we then aged it for nearly one year in one of our Schell’s original, 1936 Cypress wood lagering tanks.