After spending a full year undergoing a long, slow, mixed-fermentation in one of our original, 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks at our new Starkeller sour facility, this beer was transferred onto 6,600 pounds of plums for an additional five months of maturation. Electrik Empress is hazy, cotton candy pink in color and bursts with the fresh aroma of ripe plum skins. It is medium-bodied and fairly dry with a soft lemon-tart acidity combined with the flavor of plums, lemon, and pear. Unfiltered and bottle-conditioned to allow the flavors to further develop, Electrik Empress has a bright fruit character that is a unique interpretation of a Berliner Weisse. Best served in a pokal glass or champagne saucer.


The inaugural beer from our new Starkeller facility, Galactic Collision was brewed in the traditional Berliner Weisse fashion with a mixed-culture fermentation and without boiling. It was then aged for a full year with an authentic Berliner Weisse strain of Brettanomyces in our original, 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks. Golden in color with a bright white head and slight haze, the beer has a fruity, cider-like aroma and lemon-tart acidic character. Notes of fresh pear and citrus compliment its sparkeling carbonation and dry oak-like finish. Unfiltered, Galactic Collision has been hand-filled and bottle-conditioned to allow the flavors to continue to evolve in the bottle.


Twenty-eight months in the making, the brewing of Tidal Disruption has been an exercise in patience.  It began by aging the base beer for nearly two years in our original, 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks.  The brew was then transferred onto 4,800 pounds of blackberries and allowed to age for an additional four months.  The resulting beer is medium to light in body and deep purple in color.  Its high level of carbonation highlights the bright, tart aromas while the complex character of the blackberries takes center stage.


Crafted over the course of two years, Harmony of Spheres began with a mixed primary fermentation of lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and saccromyces.  After aging for almost 12 months in an 80 year-old cypress wood lagering tank, the brew was then re-fermented over gooseberries, allowing the character of this unusual fruit to impart unique lemon and lime flavors.  Following this extended secondary aging, Harmony of Spheres was dry hopped with Lemondrop hops to further accentuate the beer’s bright citrus character.


Orbital Drift shakes up the long established tradition of brewing a Berliner Weisse, (“Berlin White”), beer to be light in color. By substituting the style’s characteristic pale barley and wheat malts with darker, more full-bodied and longer kilned malts, we created a unique brew that has a deep amber hue and earthy aromatic notes. Allowed to age for sixteen months in Cypress wood tanks, Orbital Drift has a complex character, deep acidity and dry malt spiciness.


The development of Apricot Vista began with a nine-month mixed primary fermentation in a 1936 cypress wood lagering tank.  The brew was then transferred onto 4,700 pounds of apricots and re-fermented for an additional three months, allowing the complex tart flavors of the fruit to marry with the acidity and slight spiciness of the base beer.  The result is a bright golden-orange Berliner Weisse that bursts with juicy apricot flavor and a tart lemon acidity.


Apparent Horizon was brewed as a slightly stronger, “Vollbier” (full beer) strength Berliner Weisse, with a 35% portion of the malt bill coming from rye malt.  After a mixed primary fermentation with yeast and lactobacillus bacteria, it was transferred into our original, 1936 Cypress wood lagering tank.  An authentic brettanomyces culture was pitched for a long, slow, 9-month secondary fermentation.  The resulting beer is a highly complex, spicy version of a Berliner Weisse.  It features a moderate but balanced acidity with notes of lemon and cider.


Sixteen months in the making, Starkeller Peach was first brewed with an extensive decoction mash schedule, fermented with an authentic mixed culture and aged for nearly a year before 5,500 pounds of peaches were added and it was allowed to ferment for an additional four months.  The resulting beer has pronounced tropical fruit aromas, a tart peach flavor and an intensely acidic, fruity character.


For nearly 60 years, Schell’s original 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks were used almost exclusively for the production of our classic American lager, – Schell’s Deer Brand. As a nod to this history, we have decided to brew an American lager once again, but this time, made in the traditional Berliner Weisse fashion. Cypress Blanc has been aged for seven months in a cypress tank and dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc, a new German hop variety that gives the brew a uniquely fruity, floral hop aroma and compliments the fruity flavors from the brettanomyces.


Dawn of Aurora is our interpretation of a Starkbier style Berliner Weisse. These “strong beers” were typically brewed to a much higher strength than a standard Berliner Weisse and then aged for an extended time to allow the flavors to mature.  In this tradition, Dawn of Aurora was brewed with an intense decoction mash schedule and fermented with an authentic mixed culture of yeast, bacteria and brettanomyces.  The beer then underwent a long, slow secondary fermentation in our 1936 cypress wood lagering tank to allow the vibrant fruity flavors and bold acidity to further develop.